We are transforming GCSE Revision

Revision Buddies GCSE Revision apps and website offer a modern approach to learning that is interactive and engaging. They are full of thousands of questions and detailed explanations that have been written by teachers to guide you to the most relevant facts that you need to know for your exams.

We aim to make your revision engaging, interactive and fun.

Our revision quizzes are now available on our website as well as on our mobile apps.

Student / class enrolment and reporting is now available for purchases made via the website, please see our Schools and Parents section for details.

Each of our course subscriptions include a free trial period so you can give the whole course (with your chosen options) a try before you commit, however if you want a quick sample, without the need to first signup, then we have created an open course that includes a random topic from each subject. You can access it here.

Short sharp bursts of GCSE revision

This image shows that a user achieved 80% in a GCSE Physics multiple choice-quiz.

Using our revision apps for just a few minutes just every day could help you obtain the grades you deserve. The apps allow you to track your progress over time, so if you want proof that they work just give them a try!


Test your knowledge

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Through 1000s of multiple choice questions, split into each topic of the relevant syllabus, we test the knowledge of students and help them to find the gaps in their learning.


Fill the gaps in your GCSE learning


Each question has an in-depth explanation, providing an opportunity to consolidate knowledge and further understanding. Discover topic content you may have missed in class.


See your progression


Students can build confidence through monitoring their progress with performance based graphs and share their results with friends and family on facebook and twitter.


Know what to expect


With access to external resources, such as past papers and mark schemes, students can prepare themselves for the exam environment, knowing exactly what is expected of them and how things will be laid out.


Syllabus based GCSE content written by subject experts

This image shows how users can select content from different exam boards, tiers and levels.

All content is written and produced in accordance with the relevant syllabus criteria by teachers, examiners and qualified academics. We are very proud of the quality of their work. Read more about some of our authors here


Did you know…

Revision Buddies apps have been awarded a 5 star rating by the Educational App Store?

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