Announcing the launch of Revision Buddies New GCSE History Content

January 24, 2020
Category: app,Blog

We are pleased to announce that our History section has been completely revamped to abide to the latest 9-1 GCSE examinations. With more than 6,000 multiple choice questions and explanations, as well as a vast number of colourful images, Revision Buddies has covered all of the updated Edexcel, AQA and OCR syllabi. Over 50 topics have been carefully curated to precisely match up to each syllabus with content ranging from Norman England, c1066-c110 to the American West, c1835-c1895 to Mao’s China, 1945-76 to Conflict and tension in the Gulf and Afghanistan, 1990-2009!

Students simply have to select their preferred exam board when purchasing the History option to ensure that the appropriate content is displayed. Users then need to score a minimum of 80% to pass a quiz and receive a certificate. They can then track their own progress and review all the quizzes they have completed. Alternatively, teachers can purchase Revision Buddies for a class of students and then track their results and individual quiz responses in the classroom dashboard. Revision Buddies writes the revision quizzes, saves the students responses as well as their response times, and does all of the marking for them!

In addition to accessing the full set of quizzes on the Revision Buddies website, students have the opportunity to take revision one step further as they are also given full access to our quizzes on our custom built mobile apps. This enables students to enjoy studying through a medium that they are familiar with and provides a convenient mode of revision that can even be used whilst users are out and about.

We have therefore created a perfect platform for History GCSE candidates to learn and revise from and are excited to watch students thrive with the help of our educational technology. Head of Content Justine Tannenbaum even claimed: “I am delighted with the outcome of the new History content and only wish I had been given the opportunity to use Revision Buddies when I was at school!” If you would like to see a list of all the topics offered, then please visit the following page and select the ‘Topics Covered’ tab: