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Revision Buddies Top 10 Tips for Success!

Follow our Top 10 Revision Tips to ensure that you are fully prepared for the onset of GCSE exams:

1. Make sure you have all the resources you need to start revising. This includes textbooks, notebooks, highlighters, flashcards and of course Revision Buddies!

2. Create a GCSE revision timetable to help stay organised. Click here to access Revision Buddies weekly planner template.

3. Make revision notes that summarises your class work and includes the most important information, formulas, dates or terms. Colour-coding these notes and creating acronyms and rhymes can help you retain this knowledge.

4. Use Revision Buddies multiple choice quizzes to test yourself. The beauty of our accessible GCSE app means that you do not need to be bound to a desk to revise and can use our software whilst you are out and about!

5. Own your mistakes. An extremely effective way of learning is by testing yourself, realising you have made a mistake and using your error as an opportunity to learn more! Each multiple choice question on Revision Buddies has an explanation written by experienced educators which can help you understand where you went wrong. Use a flashcard to make a note of our explanations to ensure that it will not happen again.

6. Master your exam technique through past papers. Revision Buddies holds a large bank of GCSE past papers and mark schemes both on our website and within our apps.

7. Moderation is key! Make sure you still have regular breaks as revising in smaller chunks will enhance your productivity. We recommend getting some fresh air or making a delicious smoothie!

8. Stay healthy and hydrated. Eat foods that are full of nutrients and get a good night’s sleep as this combination of self-care will boost your concentration levels.

9. Remain focused! Don’t revise next to your noisy siblings or whilst watching TV. Deactivate any apps that may distract you whilst you are working and rather interact with our revision apps if you are craving electronic interactions.

10. Lastly, stay positive and enjoy the process. On behalf of everyone at Revision Buddies, we wish you all the best of luck in your examinations!

Meet the new member of our team!

Justine has just joined us at Revision Buddies as Head of Content.

As a First Class History Graduate with tutoring and ed-tech experience, she is looking forward to organising content for Revision Buddies. Justine joined Revision Buddies as she advocates the use of different techniques in helping students retain as much academic information as possible. She will therefore ensure that all our GCSE questions are carefully curated against the exam boards specifications to serve the maximum benefit for candidates in their upcoming examinations.

As a student, Justine accomplished seven A*’s in her GCSE’s, and then went on to achieve straight A’s in four AS levels and top grades in her A’levels – one of which was taken a year early and two of which were awarded full marks! She was also awarded distinction in her Cambridge Pre-U for Philosophy & Theology.

Justine is now keen to channel her enthusiasm and determination for success onto the students who use Revision Buddies (including the students that she tutors in History and Maths) and we are really excited about working with her!

GCSE Geography 9-1 Grade Scheme

GCSE GeographyRevision Buddies are pleased to announce that we have now released a major update to our GCSE Geography app.

What has changed?

  1. The app now mirrors topic by topic the exact specification of the GCSE Geography A 9-1 specification of the OCR, AQA and Edexcel exam boards.
  2. 100s of additional questions, explanations and illustrations have been added to fully cater for the 9-1 grade scheme. Redundant content from the old specifications has been removed.
  3. Students can select the exam board that they are using so that the relevant topics and content are displayed, this is a one time selection that can be later reset in the settings section of the app.
  4. The app now contains 4636 multiple choice questions spread over the three exam boards.

Where can I preview the new topic layout?

Visit the GCSE Geography page on our website and click the Topics Covered tab.

Who has the content been authored by?

Our authors:

Scott Williams is passionate about the subject and has been Head of Geography at an 11-18 comprehensive school based in the Midlands for 7 years. As well as his day to day teaching, he has also moderated exams for AQA.

Joseph Durkan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography teaching. He has worked at a mixed comprehensive 11- 16 school in the South East for the last 6 years and has been an eco schools coordinator for 5 years. More recently he has begun to work with disadvantaged students in school settings to promote maximum progress.

Our authors have worked meticulously to ensure that the content of this app is engaging and true to the requirements across the OCR, Edexcel and AQA exam boards.