Raising the grades – GCSE History

February 10, 2016
Category: Blog

What is the simplest way of raising the GCSE pass of your History students by one grade?

It is frustrating when you see a student who you know could get a grade C at GCSE instead dropping to a D. You know that with just a little more work and a little more revision that student could have gone up one, or even two, grades.

The same is true with the A student who could have got an A*. Just a bit more work, and it all could have been so different.

But it is even worse when the student claims that he or she really did revise. You know the student probably did revise – but clearly not with the right amount of focus and not on exactly the right subjects.

So what can be done?

The answer is almost certainly twofold. First, most students need help in seeing exactly what does need to be revised. And they need to test themselves rather than just “read through.” That much is obvious and usually recognised.

But second, the student needs to be encouraged to revise in short, meaningful bursts, paying full attention to the work all the way through.

However, since revision takes place outside of the focus of school, it can be hard to achieve this. Or at least until now.

For now, there is a different approach – an approach which takes the student’s everyday preferences and works with them to create a learning environment with which the student feels completely at ease.

This approach involves providing the student with a complete set of interactive revision materials for GCSE History which can be viewed and used on mobile phones and tablets. Materials which can be used whether the device has a connection to the internet or not.

In this way the student can work in short, sharp bursts, travelling to and from school, at home, during lunch breaks, etc, no matter where he or she is.

Better still, we are now offering the app which provides this facility, and schools can now purchase student licences. The student just needs to log on and then the app will be fully enabled. The Revision Buddies GCSE History app costs under £3 per student – surely the lowest cost revision guide that there is.

To find out more and see the details of the syllabuses covered by the app, please do take a look at our website, or if you have any questions please email us (support@revisionbuddies.com).