Revision Buddies apps direct to your classroom at the touch of a button


Top Tip: Revision Buddies apps can be used as a teacher led activity on the CleverTouch, or better still, put our Live Dashboard up on the CleverTouch and run class based game with the class competing in two teams using their individual devices

Revision Buddies is also available on the Clevertouch Cleverstore. Clevertouch screens provide an alternative to the interactive whiteboard and function as giant, high definition tablets so that you can have all of your classroom needs at your fingertips.

These screens host the Cleverstore, an educational app store that provides free educational apps to schools and the opportunity to bring learning to life for your class.

This store has been compiled by the Clevertouch team who have rigorously researched and tested the apps to ensure that they are technically sound and relevant to the UK National Curriculum.  If you’d like more information direct from the Clevertouch team please contact:

What’s more, every school with a CleverTouch Plus device now gets a free one year licence of our Complete Collection (worth £999) for all their GCSE pupils – courtesy of CleverTouch!