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October 21, 2013
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Being an edtech startup, we can’t help but notice the ‘hour of code’ campaign that’s been initiated in the states to spread the necessity of developing Computer Science as an accessible subject to all students. Not only can we not help but notice them, we can’t help but think they are right.

From doing your shopping, to deciding where to eat, to blogs, facebook, dating, booking your holiday, accounting, gaming and so on (it’s endless), Computer Science comes into every part of our lives. No matter what part of the spectrum, it is a crucial part of the day to day and a tool that is necessary to every walk of life.  So whilst we’re all in the dark ages trying to suss out how to use these programmes, other nations are educating the next generation to write them. So why shouldn’t we?

At RB, we think that every child should have a fundamental understanding of how to programme, and that it will be as important as Maths, Science and English in the coming years, which is why we think that it should be made a compulsory GCSE.  By ensuring that every Briton is encouraged and shown the opportunities provided by becoming programmers, regardless of whether it is a profession or a day to day skill, it will help to develop a more savvy computing generation that will be able to compete with the global techys that developed the likes of Apple, Facebook, Aser and Lenovo.

In a climate where we bemoan unemployment, there is a world of cyber space opportunity, craving savvy developers to develop the world’s next best thing. These will no longer be computer geeks, but forward thinking transformers of the future.

What do you reckon? Might it be an idea to jump on the band wagon and get with the times?

So do we, join the campaign here in Britain to promote Computer Science to become a compulsory GCSE subject:

Sorry, and if you’re still not convinced, let’s hear it from Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google:

“For most people on Earth, the digital revolution hasn’t even started yet. Within the next 10 years, all that will change. Let’s get the whole world coding!“

love from RB


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