GCSE Revision App Features

Sections are built around the syllabus

Each subject is divided into sections that align with the syllabus, allowing you to pick strategically the areas of knowledge in which you plan to specialise in the exam. Each subject comes with at least one free section. You can then buy any other sections easily within the app.



MCQ’s with huge banks of questions

Quizzes are delivered in multiple choice format consisting of 10 randomly selected questions from our extensive question bank. Read the question and try to pick the correct answer first time in order to gain a point.



Detailed explanations

Once you’ve picked the correct answer, an informative explanation is given and you can swipe the screen to go to the next question. You can also review past questions by swiping your finger the other way.



Colourful results!

We let you know how you’re getting on and enable you to monitor your progress by presenting your scores with words of encouragement or congratulations on our results screens. We also allow you to share these pages on Facebook and Twitter.



Helpful graphs

Every time you complete a section we store the results for later comparison in these useful graphs. This way you can really see how you’re improving.




Choose past papers

We’ve searched for the most relevant past papers for each our subjects from all three exam boards and from multiple years.




View past papers

View them easily and conveniently within our apps.




Share your results

Easily share your results with friends on Facebook and Twitter.




Challenge your friends

Invite your friends to download the app; see if they can do anything better! Compete with them in our Twitter based competitions!




Did you know that Revision Buddies apps have been awarded a 5 star rating by the Educational App Store?

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