Coping with exam stress – the 24 hour countdown

May 19, 2015
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Are you finding that you’re feeling too stressed out the day before an exam?stressed out

There is no need to panic. Take a look at our tips for the final 24 hours before your exams to help you be confident, alert and healthy on the big day.

Rule number 1

Stock up the short term memory

It is too late to learn new things, you just want to be consolidating your knowledge at this point. Our apps are great for this, but you might also find that writing out your key facts for certain subject areas helpful too. You can write brief essay plans to questions or practice applying your knowledge to past papers

Rule number 2

Go for a run

Take some exercise. Make sure your body is fit and that your blood is pumping, it helps your brain work and gives you some time to let information settle

Rule number 3

Eat well!

You need to feed your brain, give it some protein and steer clear of heavy carbohydrates which can slow you down.  Add some vegetables to the mix, spinach is a good one, to keep you nice and healthy

Rule number 4

Get a good night’s sleep!

You don’t want to be tired in the exam otherwise you won’t be able to perform properly. Go to bed at a good time and make sure that your brain isn’t still whirring with all the things you need to know.  To stop night time panic, it is good to have a check list of the points you want to have covered and to run over them prior to finishing your revision for the day so that you can rest assured that you have done them

Rule number 5

Be prepared

Know where the exam is, what time it is, get there in plenty of time and know the format of the exam. Take everything you need into the exam, including some water to keep you nicely hydrated, and maybe a chocolate bar to boost energy levels


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