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Will Revision Buddies work for you?

Our apps are designed to support teachers, parents and students during the revision period in the lead up to GCSE exams as the perfect complement to traditional media. Our apps present an excellent addition to both home and classroom learning as they can be used on mobile devices, desktops or on the big screen in the classroom. Teachers or parents can view student progress and results if they purchase for a child or class using our Student Enrolment feature.

Revision Buddies apps are accessible and easy to use – as well as providing the opportunity for revision on the move, students can use them at home as homework or in the classroom as a class activity that motivates the whole class. With access on or offline this is the perfect opportunity for students to flip the classroom, enhance their learning and boost confidence in the preparation for exams.

If a teacher or parent would like to enrol a class of students or a child they can make use of the Student Enrolment feature of our website and then the monitor progress of the students, viewing how they have answered the quizzes and see their results.

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