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GCSE Geography

We have striven to deliver a revision app to provide for the requirements of the Edexcel, AQA and OCR Geography A GCSE syllabuses in order to bring you the most comprehensive self-assessment app available. Test your knowledge on the move with over 1500 questions, using diagrams and images to enhance your understanding and learning.

Key Features:

– Covering Human and Physical Geography A syllabus of the AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards

– 1000s of original, syllabus specific questions

– Detailed explanations to further understanding

– Hundreds of illustrated diagrams and graphs

– Choose to repeat difficult questions or select new questions at random

– Watch your knowledge improve using inbuilt progress reports

– Share your results with friends on Twitter & Facebook

– Gain insight into the layout of your exams through direct links to past papers & mark schemes

How do I get it?

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This GCSE Geography app is split into Human and Physical Geography sections, as detailed below:

Our author, Scott Williams, is passionate about the subject and has been Head of Geography at an 11-18 comprehensive school based in the Midlands for 3 years. As well as his day to day teaching, he has also moderated exams for AQA. We have worked meticulously to ensure that the content of this app is engaging and true to the requirements across the OCR, Edexcel and AQA exam boards.

– Tectonics and related hazards

Tectonic plates and the make-up of the Earth; fold mountains and human adaptation; effects and responses to earthquakes, volcanoes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis

– Rivers

The life of a river and its processes; river profiles; river features; waterfalls; valleys and flood plains; causes of flooding and its management; supply and demand of water, water stress and drought

– Ice and Glaciers

Glaciation and glacial periods; ice sheets and ice caps; glacial erosion and deposition landforms, human interaction with glacial regions

– Coasts

The motion of the sea and its effects on coastlines ; coastal erosion; deposition and transportation; the causes and effects of rising sea levels; weathering; cliff tops and coastal management; soft and hard engineering techniques; salt marshes, sand dunes, beaches and their environment; case study examples

– Ecosystems

The make-up of ecosystems; biomes; the characteristics of tropical rainforests; decomposition; the food chain and energy flow; habitats and survival; human impact on ecosystems; deserts and habitat adaptation; species and their behaviour; deforestation; desertification and population

– Rocks and resources

Scales of geological time; rock types; the formation of the Earth; rock processes; rock identification; weathering; effects of rock type on the surrounding landscape and human adaptation; quarrying in the UK and different uses of rocks

– Weather and climate change

The UK climate; weather systems; clouds and types of rainfall; wind and anticyclones; the sun; atmospheric pressure; extreme weather, climate change and government intervention; the make-up of hurricanes, their effects and human response; the Earth’s atmosphere, greenhouse gases and human impact

– Population

Population pyramids and the structure of a population; population density and flux; diversity within a population; positioning of populations and environmental impact; demographics; factors effecting the development of a population and the management of them; migration trends

– Settlements/Rural and Urban environments

Settlement characteristics; primary, secondary and tertiary sectors; types of settlement and their patterns; rural settlement characteristics, employment, economics and population distribution; industrialisation and its effects; urban settlement characteristics, employment, economics and population distribution; urban models, urban and rural settlements in MEDCs and LEDCs; settlement growth and coping with its changes; settlement growth and pollution

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