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May 1, 2015
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Revision Buddies has compiled its ultimate collection – combining all its core subjects into one convenient bundle for you to download at the touch of the button – at over a 50% discount!


chained to deskExams season is nearly upon us! Are you fed up with the same old text book revision? Feeling chained to the desk?

Take a look at our revision apps for free and see how we could transform your revision time!

What are you waiting for?

Download our apps today and see how we can help you on the road to GCSE success.


Did you know?

We waste nearly an hour a day waiting around! That’s a whole hour that could have been spent testing your knowledge for your exam with one of our apps! We provide 1000s of quick fire multiple choice questions, each with detailed explanations – helping you to identify your learning gaps and further your understanding. Once downloaded, youstudent with tablet can take this with you anywhere, enabling you to revise in your own time, at your own pace. Use it at the end of each topic, or for 10 minutes at the beginning or end of the day to help your memory retention and get those facts nailed into your head so that you can excel in your exams.

Something a Little Different….

Our apps can be moulded to exactly what you’re studying, simply select from the exam board criteria and away you go. Not only is all of our content written by teachers, for students, your results are recorded so that you can watch your progress – and also spot the topics that need further consideration. Share your progress with your friends on Twitter and Facebook, or email your parents with a progress report. Moreover, you can also collaborate with your teachers by uploading your results to dropbox or even within Firefly, should this be part of your school’s programme.

Not sure it’s for you? Try before you buy! Have a look at our free apps, which have some topics available and get a feel for how we can work with you to transform your results!


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Don’t own an IOS device? We also work on Android, take a look at our apps for free, or buy our ‘for schools’ versions, with all content enabled.


Click here to see our apps for free!


And just in case you’re still not certain, here’s a few things that other people say:

From Students:

“Best revision app on the store.

As a student going into my GCSE exams this is the most helpful revision app series on the App Store.”

April 2014 – History app review

“My teacher recommended this app and I’ve found it really clear and helpful. Would recommend to anyone else getting ready for their GCSEs!”

28 April 2014- History app review (appstore)

From Teachers:

“I am loving the design and how easy the app is to use. The multiple choice aspect works really well and the tracking idea will help motivate students.”

– 18 March 2015


“Recommended to my GCSE class for quick revision and reminders. They even added on the Spec’ I asked for. Impressed”

“Your apps are proving very popular with our Y11s including my own nephew who found the science ones very useful this weekend”

EAS 5 stars


We have been voted as having one of the top 5 Revision Apps by the Educational AppStore – it might just be worth checking us out!