Get On Board

Get your students on board in three simple steps


Getting your students up and running with Revision Buddies is now easier than ever. Follow these three simple steps below to give your students full access to our apps via their own personal login. We also offer a 50% discount for orders of 20 units or more, please use coupon code CLASSDISCOUNT during checkout in our online shop or  get in touch if you have any questions.

  1. Select a course on our website and choose the group enrolment option. Enter the number of students you would like to enrol and complete the purchase. If you would like to pay via purchase order then please let us know first.
  2. On the Class Management and Reports page you can then enter your student names and email addresses or upload a spreadsheet containing them. Emails will be sent to the students with login details. Once they login they will be presented with the My Courses page with the appropriate courses all set up and ready to use. 
  3. The teacher can also use the Class Management and Reports page to view student progress and see how they have answered questions and their score for each and every quiz attempt. A quiz is marked as completed once the student scores 80%. A student may attempt a quiz at their leisure.

Please note that the reporting feature is currently only available for quizzes taken via our website (which can be used both on desktop computers as well as mobile devices). Our mobile apps will be updated with the feature soon.

Our simple annual pricing (including the 50% school discount)

  1. Individual subjects licences cost £1.50 per student
  2. The Science Collection (3 subject apps) costs £4.00 per student

We are also now offering a school licence that will provide access to all the apps to all GCSE students for a fixed price of £999. This is regardless of the number of GCSE students in the school. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please get in touch. In a school with 300 GCSE students this would work out at just 33p per student per subject.