Introducing a new and exciting feature of Revision Buddies: Group Enrolment and Reporting

October 9, 2019
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Revision Buddies provides students with the perfect accompaniment to traditional teaching methods. Our app and website enables students to enjoy revising through a medium that they are familiar with, and is therefore instrumental in boosting GCSE grades.

In turn, we have now created a new feature that not only helps students, but supports teachers and parents in the lead up to GCSE exams:

Group Enrolment and Reporting allows teachers and parents to easily enrol a whole class or an individual student via our simple Student Enrolment feature for any of our courses or course packages. 

Enrolled students can then attempt revision quizzes on our website and their answers will be recorded in the Reports section of the Class Management and Reports page. Once students are enrolled on a course, they can also download the corresponding subject app where they can further practise the quizzes at their leisure.

Teachers: Since our content is carefully curated against exam board specifications, teachers can enjoy peace of mind that their students are practising syllabus based questions that cover the vast majority of each of the Edexcel, OCR and AQA exam syllabi. The quizzes compliment the past papers that we collate and serve as the perfect assessment platform to identify what your students know and what they need further help with.

The Group Enrolment and Reports feature benefits teachers as it provides a useful mechanism for monitoring students’ progress. The Course Progress Report shows the percentage of sub-topics students have successfully completed (achieved 80% or more in). This is particularly useful for keeping an eye on students whilst they are revising at home during study leave.

Additionally, our easily accessible platform produces a thorough report detailing the success rates (scores) of each student and shows their attempts at each topic.

By showcasing a copy of the students test under our Statistics page, Group Enrolment and Reporting makes it easy to identify areas of common weakness and pinpoints areas where students need extra help. Individual answers can be viewed and it’s even possible to see how much time a student spent answering a question.

Using these features can greatly improve a teacher’s productivity as it reduces time spent on assessment and marking, giving teachers extra time to focus on resolving any knowledge gaps that have been identified through the report system.

Our new feature therefore enables teachers to focus their attention on teaching itself!

Parents: The system also provides a perfect tool for parents who do not need to solely rely on school reports anymore as they can use the same platform to personally check if there are any gaps in their children’s learning and therefore help steer their child to concentrate their revision on those areas of weakness. A parent can monitor their child’s activity using the same toolset that we provide to a teacher working with their class.

We are therefore excited to help enhance candidates learning experience and reduce stress levels for students, teachers and parents during the onset of examinations.