Introducing Revision Buddies New GCSE English Language Content

We are delighted to announce the launch of Revision Buddies latest subject, English Language! With over 2,000 high-quality questions and detailed explanations, as well as a vast number of colourful images, text extracts and past papers, our new subject provides a comprehensive and substantive tool for revision. Better yet, the content has been carefully curated to ensure that it abides to the AQA, Eduqas, OCR and Edexcel 9-1 GCSE syllabi. Students simply have to select their exam board when purchasing English Language to ensure that the appropriate content is displayed.

Key topics include Terminology, Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation. In addition, our Fictional and Non-Fictional Writing Skills sections will help students enrich their compositions and has multiple question prompts included for further practise. Reading Skills have also been incorporated to enhance students’ ability to analyse, evaluate and critically assess texts. This is coupled with Fictional and Non-Fictional 19th, 20th and 21st century text extracts which will stand students in good stead for unseen texts in their examinations.

Users can enjoy the subject on both our website or app where they can then track their own progress and take ownership of their learning. With a plethora of questions to work through, students receive motivational feedback at the end of each quiz and obtain a certificate once they pass a quiz and achieve a minimum score of 80%. They also have the opportunity to enter a leaderboard and can review the questions and answers after completion to recap on their learning.

English teachers can also purchase Revision Buddies for a class of students and monitor their results through detailed analytics that even showcase users individual answers and response times in the Classroom Dashboard. This provides a clear insight into students strengths and weaknesses and enhances teachers productivity as it reduces time spent creating and marking assessments, enabling teachers to focus on resolving any issues that have been identified through the report system.

Our new content therefore provides an effective form of revision for users and a perfect assessment tool for English teachers. If you would like to benefit from this or find out more, then please visit the following page:

Moreover, to celebrate the launch of our new subject, we will also be announcing a COMPETITION on our instagram @revisionbuddiesapp, so follow the page here to make sure that you do not miss out!