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We just got Clever(er)

Revision Buddies joins the market leading interactive touchscreen provider, Clevertouch, on its educational app store We are super excited to announce that we’ve joined the Cleverstore,...

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Phew! They’re over! What now?!   1) Celebrate! Get your sun cream and sunnies and go and hang out with your friends. Laugh lots and...

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Top tips for a stress free exam

This year some people were shocked by questions in their Maths GCSE exam: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-33017299 which stemmed a mass twitter campaign from students. In case you have any...

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No diet today, nor any day

 With a balanced diet, there’d be no need for a “no diet day” Yesterday was #internationalnodietday. Some might have celebrated this with spoonfuls of Nutella and 2...

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