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This self-assessment series is designed to ensure that you get to grips with all that you need to know in order to excel in your GCSE Geography exam.

How can you use Revision Buddies to prepare for your GCSE Geography exam?

– Revise anywhere, anytime.
– Select questions from the Edexcel, AQA or OCR content.
– Adapt the app to your needs and requirements.
– Test yourself with over 1500 syllabus specific multiple choice questions with detailed explanations.
– Learn from hundreds of illustrated diagrams.
– Choose to repeat difficult questions or select new questions at random.
– Monitor your progress with self-assessment graphs.
– Share your results with friends on Twitter & Facebook.
– Benefit from direct links to past papers & mark schemes.
– Share your progress with your teacher through our new Class Management & Reports section or submit your results on Revision Buddies’ leaderboard.
– Enjoy motivational feedback and personalised certificates after each quiz or course if you achieve 80% or more.
– Use Revision Buddies on multiple devices such as laptops, tablets or phones, especially since course progress is synchronised over all devices so that you can pick up where you left off.
– Practice makes perfect! Test yourself for just 10 minutes every day and be amazed at how your results can improve.

How does Revision Buddies GCSE Geography platform benefit students?

Revision Buddies aims to consolidate knowledge, further understanding and boost confidence in the lead up to GCSE exams. The engaging, interactive and effective self-assessment series enables users to revise at their own pace and in their own time. Users simply have to select their syllabus, level and the relevant topics to test their knowledge and once downloaded, can use the app offline.

How does Revision Buddies GCSE Geography platform benefit parents and teachers?

Parents and teachers can monitor a user or group of users’ progress through detailed reports of their scores, answers and time taken to answer each question. This serves as the perfect tool to identify areas of common weakness and pinpoints areas where students need extra help. In particular, these features can greatly improve a teacher’s productivity as it reduces time spent on assessment and marking, giving teachers extra time to focus on resolving any knowledge gaps that have been identified through the report system. Get in touch to find out about our discounted bulk orders for your students!

What is included in Revision Buddies GCSE Geography content?

This app covers all topics of the Geography A syllabus from the OCR, Edexcel and AQA exam boards. For details of the exact topics covered for each of the boards, please click on the Topics Covered tab above.

Why should you use Revision Buddies for GCSE Geography Revision?

Student Testimonials: “Really helpful and fun *****”, “What a great app! I found the explanations especially helpful and the access to past papers meant that I could test my knowledge as I went along. Really helpful and easy to use, would recommend to anyone about to sit their exams as a way of breaking up a day of samey revision!”, “Best revision app on the store *****”, “As a student going into my GCSE exams this is the most helpful revision app series on the App Store.”

Parent Testimonials: “Sooo helpful *****”, “Working whilst with two children doing their GCSEs is not easy so being able to rely on this app is great. I wanted to ensure the quality of the content so went through it myself first, quite enjoyed it really!! Looking forward to a few more topics! Thanks.”

Teacher Testimonials: “Great*****”, “Recommended to my GCSE class for quick revision and reminders. They even added on the Spec’ I asked for. Impressed”, “Promoting your app to all my year 10s tomorrow…they are going to love it..#A*s”, “Your apps are proving very popular with our Y11s including my own nephew who found the science ones very useful this weekend.”

Course Content


Course Content

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Course Content

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Topics Covered

Topics follow the exam specification for each the following three exam boards.

OCR Geography A

1. Living in the UK Today

Landscapes of the UK
People of the UK
UK Environmental Challenges

2. The World Around Us

Ecosystems of the Planet
People of the Planet
Environmental Threats to Our Planet

3. Geographical Skills

Geographical Skills & Fieldwork

Edexcel Geography A

1. The Physical Environment

Changing Landscape of the UK – Overview
Changing Landscape of the UK – Rivers
Changing Landscape of the UK – Coasts
Changing Landscape of the UK – Glaciation
Weather Hazards & Climate Change

2. The Human Environment

Changing Cities
Global Development
Resource Management

3. Geographical Investigations: Fieldwork
and UK Challenges

Geographical Investigations – Fieldwork
Geographical Investigations – UK Challenges


1. Living with the physical environment

Natural Hazards
The Living World
Physical Landscapes in the UK

2. Challenges in the human environment

Urban Issues and Challenges
The Changing Economic World
The Challenges of Resource Management

3. Geographical applications

Geographical Skills & Application

Past Papers

We currently offer revision material for the Geography A syllabus with the 9-1 mark scheme.

Below our links to past exam papers and specifications for this criteria.

Exam Board Past paper Mark Scheme
Edexcel 2018 Geography A. (9-1)
OCR 2018 Geography A. (9-1) Question paper – Living in the UK today Mark scheme – Living in the UK today
Question paper – The world around us Mark scheme – The world around us
Question paper – Geographical skills Mark scheme – Geographical skills
Geographical skills resource booklet
Geographical skills map
AQA 2018 Geography (9-1) Question paper – Living with the physical environment Mark scheme – Living with the physical environment
Question paper – Challenges in the human environment Mark scheme – Challenges in the human environment
Question paper – Geographical applications Mark scheme – Geographical applications


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