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One of the most comprehensive self assessment revision apps for GCSE Chemistry. Written by experienced teachers, developed by a team dedicated to transforming GCSE revision.

Key Features:

– Choose the Double or Triple award topics of the AQA, Edexcel or OCR 21st Century exam boards (grades 9-1).

– Select questions from the Higher or Foundation tiers.

– Adapt the app to your needs and requirements.

– 1000s of GCSE syllabus specific multiple choice questions with detailed explanations.

– Hundreds of illustrated diagrams, graphs & experiments.

– Choose to repeat difficult questions or select new questions at random.

– Watch your knowledge improve using inbuilt progress reports.

– Share your results with friends on Twitter & Facebook.

– Direct links to GCSE past papers & mark schemes.

– Share your progress with your teacher through our new Class Management & Reports section or submit your results on Revision Buddies’ leaderboard.

– Enjoy motivational feedback and personalised certificates after each quiz or course if you achieve 80% or more.

– Use Revision Buddies on multiple devices such as laptops, tablets or phones, especially since course progress is synchronised over all devices so that you can pick up where you left off.

-An engaging, interactive and effective revision app.


We aim to consolidate knowledge, further understanding and boost confidence in the lead up to GCSE exams. Revise at your own pace, in your own time. Once downloaded, you can use it offline – simply select your syllabus, level and the topics appropriate to you, test your knowledge and find where you need to fill the gaps in your learning


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Quality Content:

Our author, Dr. Hanna Beyer is a qualified teacher and holds a PhD in Chemical Biology. As well as her qualifications she helps students with online tutoring for their exams in all areas of science. Prior to her teaching career, she contributed to science academia as well as working as a research and biomedical scientist. Hanna is passionate about her subject and we have worked hard to ensure that all content is engaging as well as accurate to the GCSE Science exam requirements.


Cell Biology, Organisation, Infection and Response, Bioenergetics, Homeostasis and Response, Inheritance, Variation and Evolution, Ecology


Key Concepts in Biology, Cells and Control, Genetics, Natural Selection and Genetic Modification, Health, Disease and the Development of Medicines, Plant Structures and their Functions, Animal Coordination, Control and Homeostasis, Exchange and Transport in Animals, Ecosystems and Material Cycles

OCR 21st Century Science

You and Your Genes, Keeping Healthy, Living Together, Using Food and Controlling Growth, The Human Body – Staying Alive, Life on Earth – Past, Present and Future

Testimonials from the series:

From Students:

Really helpful and fun *****

“Really helpful and easy to use, would recommend to anyone about to sit their exams as a way of breaking up a day of samey revision!”

Best revision app on the store *****

“As a student going into my GCSE exams this is the most helpful revision app series on the App Store”

From Parents:

Sooo helpful *****

“Working whilst with two children doing their GCSEs is not easy so being able to rely on this app is great. I wanted to ensure the quality of the content so went through it myself first, quite enjoyed it really!! Looking forward to a few more topics! Thanks”

From Teachers:


“Recommended to my GCSE class for quick revision and reminders. They even added on the Spec’ I asked for. Impressed”

“Your apps are proving very popular with our Y11s including my own nephew who found the science ones very useful this weekend”