Revision Buddies Guide to Staying Motivated over the Christmas Holiday Period


With both Christmas and GCSE Mock Exams around the corner, Revision Buddies has created 12 key tips (for the 12 days of Christmas) on how to stay focused during the festive period:

1. Create a timetable to ensure that you have enough time to revise all of your subject areas AND enjoy the Christmas period. Click here to access our revision timetable.

2. Make sure that you have included regular breaks on your timetable as this will ensure that you are more focused during your revision periods.

3. We recommend exercising everyday as research has shown that it increases blood flow to the brain which helps to improve your concentration.

4. Find a suitable environment to work in where you can effectively concentrate. Try to choose a learning space that is different to your relaxation area as this will help you detach when you want to disconnect.

5. Adjust the temperature in your study environment as being too hot or too cold could be distracting.

6. Revisit and revise syllabi content you have previously learnt. This can easily be achieved through Revision Buddies which offers thousands of course-specific questions, detailed explanations and past papers for a wide range of subjects. Spending as little as 10 minutes a day on our app or website can result in over 60 hours of extra revision per year!

7. Eat a healthy snack if you feel a dip in your energy levels. Super foods include dark chocolate, blueberries or almonds.

8. Try different study methods! If you find that you are losing focus whilst reading a textbook, try alternative techniques such as creating flashcards, watching informative videos or quizzing yourself on the Revision Buddies app or website.

9. Set yourself challenges and have ‘rewards’ planned for when you achieve them. This will enhance your motivation and determination to succeed.

10. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water as this can improve energy levels and brain functions such as your memory.

11. Try avoid social media distractions on your phone. Rather spend time on the Revision Buddies app if you are craving electronic interactions.

12. Lastly, enjoy the process! A positive mindset will help to keep you organised, dedicated and committed to your revision

On behalf of everyone at Revision Buddies, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!