Revision Buddies Interactive GCSE Learning Presentations

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest GCSE revision tool; in addition to our comprehensive quiz banks, Revision Buddies is producing interactive learning presentations for each and every part of our GCSE courses!

What are Revision Buddies interactive GCSE learning presentations?

The presentations offer students an in-depth summary of their GCSE courses and are broken down into topics to help users undertake focused revision. The content is carefully curated against the AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas and OCR syllabi. Users simply have to select their preferred exam board before purchasing the subject and can enjoy a combination of the flash cards and interactive slides, alongside our traditional quizzes. 

How will Revision Buddies interactive GCSE learning presentations benefit students?

The new tool ensures that learners absorb and process all of the revision content as a variety of engaging activities are woven in between each informative section. This confirms the user’s knowledge of the topic and is achieved through means such as true or false questions, drag and drop questions, fill in the blanks, multiple-choice questions and word selection activities.

Try a sample lesson here:

How will Revision Buddies interactive GCSE learning presentations benefit teachers, tutors and parents?

Our interactive presentations provide teachers with the perfect accompaniment to their lessons as they can display the slides on their smartboards whilst explaining the syllabus-specific content and engaging the class through the interactive activities. Teachers can also enrol their whole class to our Class Management system, where students can use the presentations for independent class work or homework activities to either reinforce class work or to utilise the flipped learning technique. Likewise, tutors and parents can use the platform in the same fashion to support their learners.

How can you start benefitting from Revision Buddies GCSE interactive learning presentations today?

The new GCSE interactive revision summaries are currently available for English Literature and English Language. However, watch this space as more subjects are coming very soon!