Revision Buddies Religious Studies smart app for smart phones

The GCSE Religious Studies Smart App covers Religion in Life and Society: Christianity and Islam, and is available both on a one off purchase at £2.99 a year (with a seven day free trial).

Students can buy their own individual copy, and schools can buy a multiple licence for their students.

This app is split into two topics (covering Christianity and Islam) each covering three sections: beliefs, ethics and philosophy.   It is designed to cover the requirements of AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards.

Having worked through the App the student should be familiar with all the facts that are needed within these three sections of the syllabus covering both Islam and Christianity.

The particular benefit of the App is that it allows students to revise anywhere at any time on their mobile phone – the accessory that most students refer to most of the time, and with which they feel most at ease.

Having studied the comprehensive content, they can test themselves on over 1000 questions, receive detailed explanations for the questions where needed, review the answers, return to difficult questions, and fill in the gaps in their learning.

Self-assessment graphs reveal their progress and they are able to access relevant past papers and mark schemes – as well as emailing their progress charts to you.

Thus at all times the learning is under the student’s control on a device that the student finds acceptable within his/her daily life.

There is a detailed review of all the topics covered in this app here along with commentaries from teachers, parents and students who have used the App.

A list of all the subjects covered in our series of Apps can be found here, along with the opportunity to subject to the full series.

If you are interested in a seven-day free trial on the GCSE Religious Studies App please use the form below and we’ll get in touch to help you get up and running!