Revision Buddies Review on Flipped Learning

What is Flipped Learning?

Flipped Learning is an extremely viable educative approach. The learning method inverts the traditional teaching process as rather than students acquiring knowledge in a classroom and analysing this further for homework, students have access to new learning materials and are tasked with independently learning the content as their homework. Students then use classroom time to expand on their knowledge as it is discussed and evaluated to give the pupils a deeper understanding of the content. This is a highly successful method of learning which could also stand students in good stead for potential independent learning at university.

How can Revision Buddies take Flipped Learning one step further?

Whilst this theory is extremely valuable, we believe that it could benefit from an important feature that could help students excel even further. It is important to recognise that the process of self-teaching is not faultless as unmotivated pupils may simply skim read the teaching resources or pretend that they have digested the learning material. We therefore believe that a testing element should be interlinked with the learning approach whereby alongside reading the teaching resources, students must undertake a quiz to confirm that they have read the new information. This ensures that pupils get to grips with the content and enhances their learning experience and potential to flourish. This can be achieved through mediums such as quizzes and past papers, both of which Revision Buddies provides for a range of GCSE subjects including Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, R.S. and French. Our clear and concise questions, coupled with detailed explanations, on the app and website offer a comprehensive platform which will compliment the Flipped Learning experience. Students can then attempt further quizzes on the topic after their lesson to determine their progression.

How can students benefit from Revision Buddies?

Revision Buddies effectively supplements Flipped Learning as pupils can use our software to enrich and deepen their learning experience. This largely transfers students away from passive learning and towards active learning, empowering students to take full control of their own educational journey. As the Advanced Higher Education Board states “The use of technology further enriches the flipped learning process and promotes skills that are essential for 21st-century learning”.

How can teachers benefit from Revision Buddies?

The Revision Buddies platform allows Flipped Learning to be a streamline process through our Group Enrolment and Report system whereby teachers can easily enrol a whole class or an individual student to any of our courses. Since our GCSE revision content is carefully curated against exam board specifications, teachers can enjoy peace of mind that their students are being tested on work that is in line with their lesson materials. Enrolled students progress will be recorded in the Reports section of the Class Management Page which details the success rates of each user and showcases their individual answers, time taken to answer each question and number of attempts at each topic. This provides a useful mechanism for monitoring students and enables teachers to focus on resolving any knowledge gaps that have been identified through the reports system. For more information, please visit the following page: or contact us at