Stop Press! GCSE Physics now available with Revision Buddies!

November 18, 2014
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The most comprehensive Physics GCSE revision app is now available
Introducing the Physics GCSE Revision app – the first in the Revision Buddies science series…

With this GCSE Physics revision app students can develop learning and self assess key knowledge of the Additional and Core topics for each of the AQA, Edexcel and OCR 21st Century Science exam boards, including a distinction between the higher and foundation tiers. The app can be downloaded for free and moulded according to each individual’s requirements through the addition of topics according to their specific needs and requirements

A self assessment app to develop knowledge and understanding:

Using thousands of illustrated multiple choice question with detailed explanations, students will develop their knowledge and understanding whilst being able to monitor progress using self-assessment graphs as well as by competing against friends on Facebook and Twitter

Direct access to past papers and mark schemes: 

Students no longer need to waste time trawling through the individual websites of the various exam boards. By using our app they have direct access to all the relevant past papers and mark schemes

Topics covered:

AQA: Energy Transfer by heating processes; Energy and efficiency; Using electrical appliances; Generating Electricity; Waves and the Universe

Edexcel: Visible light and the Solar System; The electromagnetic spectrum; Waves and the Universe; Waves and the Earth; Generation and transmission of electricity; Energy and the future
OCR 21st Century: The Earth in the Universe; Radiation and life; Sustainable energy

AQA: Forces and their effects; Kinetic energy; Currents and electrical circuits;Household electricity; Atoms and radiation; Radioactive materials

Edexcel: Static and current electricity; Controlling and using electric current; Motion and forces; Momentum, energy, work and power; Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion; Advantages and disadvantages of using radioactive materials

OCR 21st Century: Explaining motion; Electric circuits; Radioactive materials

For more detail on the content of each topic please see our

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“Best revision app on the store – As a student going into my GCSE exams this is the most helpful revision app series on the AppStore”
– RB GCSE History review, App Store 19th April 2014

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“Great app – Really helps me revise and I have learnt a lot from this. Shows past papers and little questionnaires about certain subjects, love it.”
– RB GCSE Geography review, App Store 16th April 2014

All Revision Buddies GCSE apps are available to download for free on both the Android and Apple platforms. 

We also provide a ‘for schools version which also allows educators to take advantage of Apple’s 50% discount Volume Purchase Programme. These apps are sold ‘complete’ with no in-app purchasing nor advertising and can be distributed to students’ devices in the classroom.

Have a look to see how you can use Revision Buddies’ comprehensive GCSE self assessment revision apps in order to provide your students with the opportunity to get the most out of their revision time. 

Empowering students to learn at their own pace: Revision Buddies apps allow students to discover where their knowledge gaps lie and to use interactive learning to plug these holes in preparation for their GCSE exams, whenever and wherever they like

Why choose mobile learning?

Anywhere, Anytime

Mobile learning is convenient and flexible – access our apps anywhere, any time and make use of ‘dead time’ on the school bus or when you’re waiting at the doctors

Learner control
Our apps enable students to mould their revision according to their syllabus topics and pace. Progression is monitored through performance based graphs, with options for repeated or new tests in areas of weakness – everything can be done on their own terms, in their own time

Increased interaction
Whilst consolidating their own knowledge, students can also share their results with friends and challenge each other on particular topics. Using this technique provides a fun way to strive to get better, whilst at the same time allowing for independent development

Our Authors

We build strong relationships with our authors who are dedicated, qualified teachers that believe in providing the best to inspire and encourage revision in an engaging way. All material is written according to the most up to date AQA, Edexcel and OCR GCSE syllabus by those who are passionate about their subject and determined to see their students achieve to the best of their ability