Techniques for GCSE Revision – with Cleverstore and Revision Buddies

November 18, 2016
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We found this excellent blog post written by our friends at CleverTouch and thought it was definitely worth sharing here. See the original blog post here.

Teachers with students gearing up for mock GCSEs and their final exams in the summer know just how challenging revising can be. To minimise pressure and stress, students need to revise smarter using a range of techniques, which help to improve their working memory and concentration.

We all know that rest, physical exercise and a balanced diet plays a huge part in getting youngsters into the right frame of mind for revision. Furthermore, evidence suggests that students who revise in a quiet location retain more information than those listening to loud music while they study. But what else can be done to help important information filter through and stay put?

Students should aim to space out their revision of key subjects into short concentrated sessions over a period of two weeks to commit that information to memory. It’s a well-researched fact that testing yourself is one of the best ways to improve memory recall and identify areas for improvement.

At Clevertouch, our secondary school apps help students to do just that. All UK secondary schools with Clevertouch Plus get a free one year Revision Buddies School Licence, which normally costs £999. With a Revision Buddies School Licence, students have free access to all the Revision Buddies apps on their home devices.

With 1000s of multiple choice questions, split into each topic of the relevant syllabus, Revision Buddies apps test students’ knowledge, helps them to find gaps in their learning and tracks their progress over time. Each question within the app has an in-depth explanation and signposts external resources, such as past papers and mark schemes, so that students can prepare themselves for exams.

And, there’s no reason teachers can’t get in on the act using the Revision Buddies Teacher Dashboard, which allows them to set work for students to do on their devices and review their results to help target learning areas that need extra focus.

With a five-star rating from the Educational App Store, all content in the Revision Buddies apps has been written and produced in accordance with the relevant syllabus criteria by teachers, examiners and qualified academics.

So, if you want to give students a head start and combat exam pressure choose Clevertouch Plus.

If you already have Clevertouch Plus then you can register your school for the free one year Revision Buddies School Licence here.