The Testing Effect: An effective way to boost GCSE grades

November 5, 2019
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The process of undertaking multiple GCSE exams and having huge volumes of information to learn makes it unsurprising that pupils get increasingly stressed as the exam period dawns upon them. It’s just not that easy to get all those facts and figures to stick! It is therefore essential that students find the correct learning path for them in order to succeed to their fullest potential. An effective form of revision for achieving this is through the Testing Effect.

In the paper “Ten Benefits of Testing and Their Applications to Educational Practice” (2011, Roediger, Putnam and Sumeracki), the advantages of the Testing Effect are laid out. The paper advocates the regular testing of student’s knowledge to make it easier in the long term to recall information. By forcing an individual to generate an answer, the process aims to make their memory stronger. The strategy is renowned for enhancing exam performance as it teaches the brain how to retrieve, consolidate and retain information. Additionally, the method is useful in helping students assess how much they know, to identify any misconceptions and to guide their future revision. This can therefore help an individual revise more effectively and in turn boost a candidates confidence, reduce their stress levels and enable them to achieve better grades.

The Testing Effect can be achieved through mediums such as quizzes and past papers, both of which Revision Buddies provide. Our clear and concise multiple-choice questions, coupled with detailed explanations, perfectly complements the theory and supports the reinforcement of knowledge through testing. Roediger et al conclude that “Greater learning would occur in educational settings if students used self-testing as a study strategy and were quizzed more frequently in class.” Our apps allow students to take this one step further as they can also access our quizzes on the move and at home, thus maximising their exposure to the Testing Effect.

Revision Buddies is therefore an ideal educational tool as the app and website offer a comprehensive platform for undertaking short bursts of GCSE revision by offering thousands of course specific questions. Revision Buddies is also beneficial for teachers as it means they can track the progress of their students revision, identify gaps in their learning and spend more time teaching – without the need to manually write and mark their own tests!

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